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UNIT TITLES::  The Department of Building and Housing have information available at the following
ENDURING POWER OF ATTORNEY: See information at the following useful link:


CURRENT FORM OF S&P agreement is: As at February 2024 the current version of the ADLS/REINZ form is the 11th edition 2022(3)

Opinion in legal circles tends to be conservative.  In particular our overriding concern is that while the fact that contracts are drafted by people, will mean that there will always remain uncertainty in the law and therefore with any contract,  the current form is tried and tested and there is a significant body of case law already in place in relation to disputes and interpretation on the body of the agremeent.  Would you want to be a test case in relation to a dispute on the new form?  We strongly urge you to use the current form if you are undertaking a standard contract in relation to a land purchase.  Also, ask yourself, who benefits from the use of the new form?  Is it you?  What would be the normal risks that you would consider in signing an agreement?  One obvious one is whether it does what it says.  If there is room for interpretation, or more than one view then that is likely to mean risk. 

Naturally, we also recommend that you see us first, and prior to signing anything. 
Please feel free to contact us.  Our Contact details are above.