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Welcome To Fanselows

Fanselows Barristers & Solicitors provides commercial, property, tax and general legal advice in Wellington, New Zealand. We pride ourselves in understanding our clients' requirements and providing clear and practical legal advice.

Our firm has been the starting point for many small businesses and for many a client's first home.   We enjoy the ongoing relationships where we can watch our clients' business' grow, or their property portfolio diversify.  We endeavour to provide legal advice that matches our clients' requirements.  Our service is renowned for being friendly and professional, but we pride ourselves in not losing sight of our clients' needs.  


Covid-19 notice and policy:


In compliance with our statutory obligations and given our obligations to staff, other clients and visitors,  we require you to scan in using the Government app upon attendance at our office otherwise we are required to collect information about you for tracking purposes should you attend or offices in person.  This will be done in a confidential manner by the person you are meeting.


Upon arrival at our Premises you will be required to provide evidence of your My Vaccine Pass, which we will scan using the Government's verifier app.  If you are unable or unwilling to provide evidence per the Covid-19 Protection Framework, or the verifier app indicates does not confirm your vaccine status, or shows you as not having had appropriate vaccinations, then you will not be able to attend our Premises.  We will need to meet you virtually using Teams, Zoom, Skype or Google hangouts.  We regret any inconvenience.


When at our Premises, while not mandatory, we would in accordance with Ministry of Health recommendations, encourage you to wear face coverings.  Our people will wear face coverings when they meet with you.

Thank you

Commercial and Property

General practice including :

  • ♦  Conveyancing (Residential and Commercial) and Estate Planning
  • ♦  Trusts  
  • ♦  Wills, Estates  and Enduring powers of attorney 
  • ♦  Tax (structuring and advice to other firms - Jeff Tyler is a tax specialist)  
  • ♦  Franchising  
  • ♦  Small and Medium Enterprises  
  • ♦  Company 
  • ♦  Securities  
  • ♦  Contracts  and Business sales