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Letter of Engagement

Thank you for contacting us. We will be pleased to act for you in this matter. We enclose some material which sets out:

a Information for clients which lawyers are required by the Rules of Conduct and Client Care for Lawyers to provide; and

b Our standard terms of engagement.

Services to be provided

The following is a summary of the legal services we provide:

Commercial legal services:

Commercial, property, tax, business, wills, trusts, general company and commercial matters, buying and selling of businesses


Our fee schedule will be send to you with a formal letter of engagement should you request this.  Our fees are broken down to: 

  • Partners/consultants
  • Legal staff/Legal executives
  • non-legal staff/adminstrative 

Conveyancing costs 

Purchases: We estimate that for a standard purchase of a freehold title, with one mortgage as the only security, that you can expect a fee of approximately $850 plus GST plus disbursements.
Generally the disbursements will be the search fees and registration costs and for a purchase will be approximately $180 including GST, if you have a registered mortgage.

Sales: For a standard sale of a freehold property with a single mortgage as the only security being discharged, you can expect a fee of approximately $600 plus GST plus disbursements (approximately
$90 incl GST if you have a mortgage to discharge).

Refinance: If you are refinancing from a major trading bank to another major trading bank with a discharge of one mortgage and providing new security of one mortgage, without any other changes, then you can expect a fee of approximately $450 plus GST plus disbursements (about $170 incl GST being $80 for a discharge, the same for the new mortgage and approx $10 in title search fees).

The above are simply estimates and costs will change if the property is not a freehold title, such as a stratum estate in freehold or leasehold, or a cross lease title etc.

Responsibility for Services

The names and status of the people in our firm who will have the general carriage of or overall responsibility for the services we provide for you are:

Commercial/Property matters:
Jonathan Pereira (Principal)

Tax matters:
Jeff Tyler (Consultant)

Limitations on our Obligations or Liability

Our liability is limited to the maximum sum of our Professional Indemnity cover which is detailed in our Information for Clients memorandum, also attached.

If you do not advise us in writing (including email) that you disagree with our terms, then we will proceed with your instructions on the assumption that you accept our terms and conditions.

Print Edition

A print version of our Letter of Engagement is available for download (PDF Format).